"Remember the Rain"
explores the lives of three British expatriates residing in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles. With his wife, Maggie, heading out of town on business, Guy faces another rainy day of isolation, as he wrestles with writer's block. His early success as a writer has been followed by failure and frustration, but with Maggie's unwavering support Guy is encouraged to continue working on his current book. Unable to concentrate, he uses any excuse to stop writing and it is during one of these breaks that he hears some devastating news. Unwilling to face the truth, he unplugs the phone and turns off the television, insulating himself from any further information from the outside world. When this self-imposed isolation is interrupted by his new neighbor's appearance at the door Guy's first tendency is to turn her away, but Simone is such a warm and amiable presence that he realizes she is just the welcome distraction he needs and he invites her to stay for lunch. As the afternoon unfolds, the two share not only food, wine and laughter, but also their own personal stories, each acknowledging their disappointments and failures in life and love.  As Guy slowly reveals details of his marriage, Simone eventually learns the true reason for his wife's absence. While she contemplates this unsettling information, an ironic twist occurs that is even more surprising. What prevails over these events however is the profound human connection experienced between Guy and Simone.